Presentation is everything in the food business. Gorgeous, tasty foods sacrifice their appeal when displayed in a scratched or soiled bin dispenser or simply set onto a counter. Bright, fully transparent bins and dispenser cases present your products in the best light.

Food and paper products must be kept sanitary and protected from external contamination to maintain wholesomeness and a fresh appearance.

Central Plastic and Rubber is an industry leader in creating sensible and practical solutions for the preparation and presentation of food products.

Central Plastic and Rubber has been providing quality solutions for food service for nearly 60 years. During that time, their product line has grown as new challenges have arisen. Solving unique in-house food preparation and presentation opportunities has been the motivation for hundreds of Central Plastic's products.

Customers have spoken, and Central Plastics has listened.

Central’s Plastic Bins and Dispensers

Bins and Dispensers are available in virtually any configuration. The style depends upon their purpose, types of food or paper products to dispense, or whether products are self-serve or behind the counter service. These may be gravity-fed or reach-in depending on the preferred style of service.

Central Plastic's Plastic Bins are made of tough acrylic and other plastic materials, which come in a wide array of designs for different purposes.

  • Cookie Drawers are constructed of clear acrylic to allow for easy inspection of the products and easy access to each product without disturbing the others.
  • Bulk Bin Merchandisers allow for easy inspection and access, and are ideal for presenting rolls, bagels, and other products. These plastic bins come in a variety of sizes and configurations.
  • Countertop Dispensers can be used for many purposes. They may be single or triple-configured with black, clear, or white sides. Attractive big or tall dispensers up to 22” may display several products on or behind the counters for great visibility and easy access.
  • Sugar Caddies easily dispense sugar and sweetener packets with a single or double sliding top.
  • Divided Display Boxes sectioned into cubicles for organizing 12 different small items into individual groups are available in black, clear, and white.

Straw Dispensers

In many types of food service, straw dispensers are natural fixtures. Besides reducing waste and enhancing inventory control, the key rationale of both the gravity-fed or slide-loaded straw dispenser is to assure customers that their individual straws have not been handled by prior patrons.

Straw dispensers are available in a wide array of formats from 8” to 10” in a clear, black, or white colors.

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