If you need a transparent aspect to your project, glass isn't your only option. Plastic is used as an alternative to glass, but many don't know about using a polycarbonate sheet or the advantages it can offer. On the other hand, many may not know of the choices they have when choosing a plastic material. Central Plastic & Rubber Co. provides a slew of quality elements for businesses of all sizes. Established in 1960, the company offers expertise to its customers by helping clarify the best options for projects.

Glass Alternative: Polycarbonate

Now that you know there are alternatives to glass, it's imperative to choose the best plastic. Polycarbonate material is used in glasses, surface coverings, building construction, and a special type for bulletproof windows.

The Best Choice For Your Business

Plastic has proven to be an exceptional choice for building material because of its flexibility to make forms while still being incredibly durable. Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic that has demonstrated its usefulness since 1953. The synthetic resin holds polymer units that are linked through carbonate groups. Here are some things to consider about using the material for your project. 


As stated before, plastic has great flexibility. Thanks to this quality, it is less labor intensive. You can save on cost, an immediate benefit for your business.


Polycarbonate is approximately 200 times stronger than glass. Special versions of polycarbonate sheet are depended on by officers who use it in police shields. Knowing this, you should be comforted that you are getting a strong product. 


Whatever you need to be constructed, lighter weight usually aids in the function of any product. The polycarbonate sheet is much more manageable than glass. 

Other Things To Consider...

While a polycarbonate sheet has significant advantages for your business, you should also understand how to protect your investment. Polycarbonate can be scratched and we can walk you through the do's and don't when using Polycarbonate as a material for a project.


Harsh cleaners shouldn't be used to maintain your material. Acetone and Benzene are common ingredients that harm the material surface.


There is no doubt that polycarbonate is highly durable when it comes to impact, but damages to its surface can be apparent. To maintain your polycarbonate sheet from scratches, demonstrate the proper care.

When it comes down to it, polycarbonate is an excellent material to utilize because of it strengths versus weaknesses. Central Plastic & Rubber Co. are dedicated to helping you choose the best option. With years of experience, a trait that can not be taught, they can help you decide if polycarbonate is best for you.