Clear polycarbonate is one of the most popular substitutes for glass, because of its resistance to shattering forces, its light weight to strength ratio, its ability to withstand heat, and the sheer optical clarity. Arizona’s most trusted manufacturer of this material is Central Plastic & Rubber Company, which has a legacy of prompt and technical service for countless national corporations and local businesses.

Central Plastic & Rubber Polycarbonate Products

The physical attributes that make clear polycarbonate such an effective substitute for glass run far and wide. Central Plastic & Rubber Company sells (LEXAN) polycarbonate of various thicknesses, ranging from 0.118 thick, 0.06 thick, 0.03 on up to 0.5 thick for various applications. You can pick up a can of WELD-ON for the perfect glue to ensure a bond between your acrylics and polycarbonate constructions. For pre-fabrication, please direct all inquiries to our staff of experts.  They can take an order for polycarbonate or acrylic constructions made to order.

Central Plastic & Rubber is a family-oriented business which grew from being run out of a small shop to the largest plastics and rubber distributor and fabricator in the Grand Canyon State. We provide consultation services as well as products for national corporations and small business alike. These offerings are highlighted by an unfailing commitment to customer service. Our experienced sales staff is standing by and eager to help. Call us for more information.