In offices, foodservice, and other industries, specially designed plastic products are the standard. Lightweight, functional, easy to clean, and durable, plastic products have replaced metal, wood, and other base substances for a wide range of applications.

In the automotive and aerospace world,  manufacturers have determined that substituting plastic parts for metal ones substantially reduces the weight without compromising strength or safety. The reduced weight lowers fuel costs.

In the foodservice industry, a quality plastic supplier who provides utensils, tools, and dispensers are essential. For preparation, presentation, or service, practical and affordable plastic components are prevalent throughout every venue.

What Should You Look For in a Quality Foodservice Plastics Manufacturer?

Reputation and Longevity

Start-ups are standard in every industry.  However, many fail due to a misunderstanding of market needs or failure to adapt to a changing marketplace. Manufacturers and marketers who have several years of experience and sensitivity to customer needs are invaluable. The ability to listen to their customers and find solutions to their challenges is the hallmark of any successful business.

Focus on Your Industry

In the foodservice business, you want to find a plastics supplier that produces and markets those items that are specific to your enterprise. Whether you are a full-service restaurant looking for high-quality plastic food preparation equipment, a buffet-style cafeteria needing excellent presentation and food safety guards, or a convenience store requiring a coffee bar, finding a quality foodservice-oriented plastics supplier is a principal objective.

As with any products, you can always find cheap imitations that need to be replaced in a short time. Highest quality plastic products save time, energy, and expense.

Range of Products

First, consider all of the capabilities of a prospective plastic supplier. A wide range of products requires many types of experience and equipment. A quality plastic supplier should be able to perform the following processes. These are:

  • Die cutting
  • Die-less knife cutting
  • Thermoforming
  • Custom fabrication
  • Skiving
  • CNC machining
  • Water jet machining

For processors of rubber components many useful products are made up of both plastic and rubber components which are very helpful in the foodservice industry.

Central Plastic and Rubber’s foodservice product line, FOOD FXTRS® includes a range of specially designed products for different applications. Some of the Food FXTRS plastic products include:

  • Pastry Cases
  • Coffee Condiment Centers
  • Bins and Dispensers
  • Sneeze Guards
  • Richlite and Poly Cutting Boards
  • Bag Holders
  • Sheet Trays and Accessories
  • Lid Holders
  • Straw Holders and Dispensers

For more information regarding products capability, check out Central Plastic's website.

Customer Service and Collaboration

Customer service is far more than filling and shipping orders. Excellence involves listening to their customer’s challenges and offering solutions that will address those issues. Creating new products or adapting existing ones is part of the collaboration process of an excellent customer service experience.

Central Plastic and Rubber of Phoenix has built their nearly 60 years of experience upon the commitment to developing products that meet the specific needs of every customer. Whether the partner is a national chain or a single unit, the Central Plastic experts will work to design or adapt products to meet their needs.

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When searching for a plastic supplier to meet your company needs, Central possesses all the requirements of experience, innovation, industry focus,  collaboration, and customer service.

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