Central Plastic & Rubber of Phoenix has been an essential purveyor of essential products in the foodservice and other industries for nearly six decades. Products range from food preparation, storage, and display to useful products like brochure, sign holders, and flooring products.

For homes and apartments, Central Plastic and Rubber offers a unique product category of useful products that can be used in residential settings to assist, protect, and maintain your abode.  Also, residential and office complex managers benefit from many of these products on a much larger scale.

Central Plastic's Everyday Products

Central Plastic's Everyday Products category meets the demand for high-quality, practical, and versatile products. These are specially designed to protect floors, save energy, ease the stress of standing for long periods, protect doors and windows from moisture intrusion, provide cushioning for packaging, and numerous smaller items to assist in cleaning and scratch removal.

Individual homeowners and large apartment and office complex managers regularly utilize these versatile products.

Here are some examples of home maintenance products:

Solid Rubber Products: Made from several different materials and processes, each with unique strengths and purposes, Central Plastic & Rubber produces customizable sheets made from EDPM, Neoprene, Black Nitro/Buna, Solid Silicone, and solid SBR. These materials are available in various colors and thicknesses depending on the intended use. Contact the experts at Central Plastic & Rubber to discuss the right product for your situation. Each rubber compound has unique strength and durability and varying levels of abrasion resistance.

Weather Stripping Products: High-quality weather stripping can keep moisture from entering through doorways and windows while preserving the energy within. Easily applied, Central Plastic's weather stripping creates a tight seal with varying thicknesses of 1/16”, 1/8”, ¼”3/8”,  and ½” and widths ranging from ¼” to 1”.

Rolls of weather stripping are 50-feet in length.

Vinyl Rubber Matting: Vinyl matting is very useful in protecting flooring beneath from grease and grime. The products are essential in high traffic areas and entry/egress locations. Oil, grease, and chemical resistant with high tensile strength, this durable matting is available in various thicknesses and textures.

Foam Products: For packing and storing delicate products, Central Plastic’s foam products provide the cushioning you need. Contact Central Plastic & Rubber at 602.268.6368 to discuss the appropriate material for your needs.

Supplies and Accessories:

Other useful residential products include:

  • Brillianize (one-gallon, eight fl. Oz., or 32 oz. spray)  is a compound used to clean and restore plastics, metals and other shiny surfaces to their original brilliance.
  • 3M Bumpons: self-adhesive plastic bumper feet used to protect surfaces from an impact.
  • Acrylic and Metal Door Catches, Hasps, and Hinges
  • Keyhole Glue-on
  • Fine and Heavy Scratch Removers

Contact Central Plastic & Rubber

Customers throughout the nation contact Central Plastic to provide answers to difficult-to-answer home maintenance questions. During their six decades of service, Central Plastic's professionals have collaborated with their customers to develop specific products to solve unique problems.

Visit the Central Plastic & Rubber website to view their vast range of practical and creative home maintenance products. Fully committed to customer satisfaction, the experts at Central Plastic will be pleased to discuss your specific needs to find useful solutions.

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