If you are considering the best cutting board for your kitchen, Richlite is one to consider.  Richlite can be found on countertops in some of the best kitchens throughout the world. Here are the main reasons that Richlite is an excellent choice for your culinary needs. 

-Easy Care

Cleaning Richlite cutting boards is exceptionally easy. When running a busy kitchen, a quality chef doesn't have extra time for extensive clean up. By taking a damp sponge and wiping the surface of the boards, you can easily maintain the look and sanitation of the cutting board.

-Stain Resistant

The material Richlite is stain resistant, a feature that is of significant importance to a cook. Many foods that you eat contain acidic qualities and the Richlite  can withstand this substance well. Some stains can occur with frequent use but can be removed with scrubbing. Your cutting board can maintain its fresh appearance for many years to come.


It is highly imperative to keep a sanitary workplace. A cutting board made of Richlite has this quality. Richlite is bacterial resistant, a comforting feature while preparing food. The NSF approved material can make a work environment cleaner and safer. 


Richlite cutting boards are harder than wood. The surface itself is also scratch resistant. It also withstands heat up to 350 degrees. 

-Resembles Wood

You won't be sacrificing the fresh look of wood. Richlite cutting boards have a wood grain finish that makes it a nice accessory in the kitchen.

Your Requirements Matter

Central Plastic & Rubber  Co. offers a 1/2 inch thick cutting board made of the highly requested Richlite material. To get the size you need, enter your measurements into the web page to see the price as configured. From there you can see the price of the Richlite board itself and then request a quote for shipping. You can also get help by contacting us if you have questions or more specific requirements. Central Plastic & Rubber Company Co. believes in quality customer service for your needs.