Richlite is a durable and highly sustainable material that has been used for decades in many applications. Perfect for residential and kitchen countertop surfaces and other applications, this product provides a solid surface that is comparable to stone. It  is stain, heat, and scratch resistant, while providing a sanitary solution for any food preparation.

Central Plastics and Rubber Cutting Boards

Central Plastics recognizes the positive attributes of Richlite. As a leader in culinary and food service equipment, Central Plastic has embraced the durability and sustainability of these cutting boards. Stain and scratch resistant, the boards are easy to clean and  provide excellent service for years. Available in one-half inch thickness, the cutting boards can be sized to any outer dimensions the customer requires.

Facts Behind Richlite

Richlite is produced from resin-infused paper. The material was developed over 70 years ago and was originally used for industrial purposes. In time, the uses expanded to include applications in architecture, aerospace, sports, and more. Because of its durability, the material was eventually recognized for its capability in the culinary industry.

The cutting boards are composed of 65% recycled paper combined with 35% of phenolic resin. While the recycled paper is clearly a positive environmental activity, even the resin is certified as meeting and exceeding global environmental standards. The product also meets the criteria set by the Green Building Council.

The attractive mottled look is a result of the combination of the paper content with the somewhat amber tone of the resin.  The boards are highly durable to withstand years of hard service, resistant to stain and knife indentations.

Sustainable because of its renewable content of recycled paper products, Richlite is a dense and highly consistent material, free of voids. It is highly machinable and has a unique texture.

All of these qualities produce an ideal cutting board.

WE™ Technology

 The technology of production is highly sustainable and uses the heat from the product formulation process and recycles it into the manufacturing heating systems. This Waste to Energy Technology reduces natural gas consumption in the manufacturing process by 83%.

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