Central Plastic & Rubber Co. Inc. is presently the largest distributor for rubber fabrication and plastic products in Arizona. Our growth over the last 56 years has been phenomenal. We have come from humble beginnings to get to where we are today by being consistent in the provision of excellent services. The reward has been your loyalty. We have had lots of support from you, our esteemed and loyal customers. That loyalty reminds us every day that if we do our job and served you right, you will ensure we grow by leaps and bounds.

What we stand for:

Our core value is quality. You get from us the highest value for your money. Your business means more to us when you are satisfied with the final results. Over the years that we've been in business, we have perfected the art of fabricating rubber to your liking.

Rubber is versatile and can, therefore, take more shapes than one. We have been working with rubber long enough to learn just how flexible it can be on almost anything that you want.


Even though Central Plastic & Rubber Co. Inc. has its own designs, your unique style is tops on our agenda. You get to tell us how you want your product so that we can work our magic and give you just that. Rubber fabrication ensures that your compartments get fitted with the kind of material that is specific to your needs. With the wide variety of rubber material we stock, you get to choose which one you want and we customize it to your requirements.

Why choose rubber?

Rubber is stylish. It gives your surfaces a classy finish that looks good for a long time.  Therefore, you get two things for the price of one. Also, apart from being easy to clean, it is reasonably priced, meaning you get more value without breaking the bank. 

Why should you choose us?

Choose Central Plastic & Rubber Co. to do your rubber fabrication. We have been cutting, customizing and fitting rubber for over 50 years. We understand the value of customer loyalty and hence we know that getting a job done goes beyond making you the best design. We follow up with you and offer you help wherever you need us. We also use state of the art machines to turn ordinary rubber into a magnificent finished product.