Central Plastic & Rubber is a proud supplier of custom rubber to multiple types of businesses through the United States, ranging from individuals to large corporations. Our range of synthetic rubber includes vinyl rubber matting products, solid rubber products and sponge rubber. An established provider in Arizona – in fact, we have one of the largest and most varied rubber supply in the state – you can depend on us to provide the durable synthetics for a range of personal and industrial needs.

Solid Rubber Products

No matter what the specifications are of the solid rubber you need, there’s a very good chance we’ve provided some corporation or other with it.  One phone call with one of our specialists will have you all set to go with the products you need. What follows is a short run-down of some of our available supplies:

  • Neoprene Rubber Black 50-60 Duro
  • Solid Silicone Red Commercial Grade 60 Duro
  • EPDM Black 50-60 Duro
  • Solid SBR Insert 70 Duro

The above is just a small sample of our vast compendium. Included in our solid rubber supply are high-density products, unsaturated copolymers and composite rubbers that can withstand extremes of temperature. For some of your other applications, styrene-butadiene solid rubber holds its surface very well against abrasion and heat.

The solid rubbers that you use for applications requiring adhesive properties are also in stock. These silicone options are commercial grade and maintain an exceptional level of durability even when exposed to persistent ultraviolet radiation, heat, or cold. The silicone rubber supply also holds up well to moisture and ozone.

Sponge Rubber Products

As for sponge rubber products, you can find a multitude of specific options in our rubber supply inventory. Our Closed Cell-X-Linked Micro Cellular Polyethylene option comes in the range of sizes you would need for applications – 1.5”, 1”, 0.5”, ¼”, 1/8”, 3/16”, ¾”, 3/8”, and 2”. For your convenience, the color options include black or white.

Vinyl Rubber Options

Call to speak with our in-house specialists regarding the specifics of our vinyl rubber matting product supply. We carry primarily Dimex, where our clients have appreciated the oil, grease and chemical resistance of this brand for years.

  • Ripple Dimex Vinyl Matting
  • Diamond late Dimex Vinyl Runner Matting
  • Pyramid Dimex Vinyl Runner Matting

There are more variants, and they come in a variety of  thicknesses.