Tanks of various types and sizes are an integral part of the equipment needed across a multitude of industries. Certain types of tanks -- particularly fire extinguishers -- are legally required in even the smallest of businesses.

With the widespread usage of heavy duty tanks, it is not surprising to find smart tote tank holders, a key tank accessory,  are also in common use.  What are the specific advantages gained when you invest in smart tote tank holders? 

1. Prevention of Soldering Fires

Thousands of accidental fires occur in the U.S. every year, causing around 10 deaths, over 200 injuries, and a quarter billion dollars in property damage. Many of these fires could have been prevented if a fire extinguisher had been ready at hand in a smart tote tank holder.  OSHA requires that an extinguisher be instantly accessible when welding or soldering, but the temptation to not comply is strong for short jobs where moving extra tanks would be a major hassle. With all of your equipment, fire extinguisher included, stored and ready in a tank tote, this problem is eliminated.

2. Quick Emergency Response

A second use of tank totes is for rapid response to emergency situations. A tote with oxygen tanks makes for a quick response to medical emergencies in a hospital setting. Oxygen tanks can be quickly transported to homes and other emergency sites in ambulances or by other means to prevent fatalities or permanent brain injury. Fire extinguishers can also be loaded on totes which are loaded onto trucks to quickly deliver additional support (besides the local extinguisher on the wall) to fire locations.

3. Organization Is Made Easy

It is easy to misplace equipment or to spend the first part of every workday searching for it when you could already be underway. Smart tote tank holders make organization easy by providing a place for everything: B tanks, oxygen tanks, extinguishers, regulators, strikers, tips, and brazing rods. Anything you use in soldering, brazing, or welding has a custom-designed storage spot on the tote. This makes it easy to keep everything together in one place so you can quickly scan and make sure that nothing is missing.

4. Totes Save Time and Money

Smart tote tank holders not only boost safety levels but also save you time and money on the job. Moving equipment from storage garage to truck, from truck to job site, and then back again is much faster when all necessary equipment can be moved on a single tote. Day by day, these saved minutes add up and become significant. Since time in the business world equals money, totes essentially "pay for themselves" by helping you work more efficiently.

Smart tote tank holders, manufactured by Central Plastic & Rubber Company, increase safety levels for solderers, hospitals, and nearly every type of business. They also help welders and solderers  save valuable time and money from day to day.

Central Plastic & Rubber's smart tote tank holders are customized to accommodate all the equipment likely to be used with a great variety of tanks, besides the tanks themselves. Central Rubber's Smart Tote A/O and Smart Tote B are both built to last and work superbly across a wide range of applications.

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