Efficiency and safety are among the two most sought after qualities for a business of any size. Therefore, when a product comes along that promises to deliver on those aspects, it makes sense to invest. The Smart Tote is one such ingenious device that takes into consideration a very real need in the workplace. The National Fire Protection Association has provided some dizzying statistics on workplace fires involving soldering, brazing, welding and cutting equipment. The need for ready-to-use accessible fire safety equipment is a top priority. One that Smart Totes have addressed with success.

Smart Totes at a Glance

  • Sturdy Construct and Materials will hold up to tough jobs and frequent use. A variety of designs make Smart Totes adaptable to your specific fire safety equipment.
  • Readiness is of paramount importance when you want to be prepared for the unexpected. Smart Totes are easy to move between work areas so that your fire extinguisher and adapters are always at hand.
  • Mobility is a necessity for businesses that work on-site and the Smart Tote makes it hassle-free to bring your fire safety equipment along.
  • Organization is an essential part of fire safety. The Smart Tote’s clever design facilitates compact and sensible storage of fire safety equipment and any hoses or cords that may be associated with it.
  • OSHA Compliance is mandatory for many industries. The Smart Tote can help you meet the requirements for the readiness of suitable fire extinguishing equipment.

Central Plastic and Rubber is a time-tested, family owned company with over 50 years experience in their industry. They have grown to be an industry leader through innovative design and customer service. Decades of experience have granted Central Plastic the insight to understand their customers needs better than anybody. Ingenious products, such as Smart Totes are exactly what one should expect from a company with this level of industry acumen.