Food service operators and food merchandisers are always looking for ways to present their products that are efficient, attractive, and sanitary.  By minimizing unnecessary handling from preparation to display, the products undergo little deterioration from handling and exposure. When eye-catching display bins and cases also double as their storage units, the products remain fresh, attractive, and ready for customer selection.

Custom designed by Central Plastic and Rubber Company of Phoenix, high-quality, transparent display cases and bins are ideal for presenting baked goods, desserts, and other foods in an appealing setting with easy access by either the consumer or a server. As an integral part of Central Plastic's essential FOOD FIXTRS® line of products,  the company offers a wide variety of storage bins and dispensers, pastry cases, display cases, and stands for virtually any application. Central Plastic supplies major national chains as well as independent operators with innovative solutions made with durable plastic and rubber for preparation, storage, and display.

Central Plastics Pastry Cases for the Holidays

Featuring your unique holiday products in Central Plastics’ clear and elegant pastry cases will grab the customers’ attention. Arranged within the display cases on clear acrylic shelving, pastries, cakes, and other products seem to float in space while customers view them from virtually every tantalizing angle.

For a New Year’s celebration, consider offering new and unique products highlighted in Central Plastic's  beautifully designed clear plastic three, four or five tier pastry cases. These attractive cases are available in front or rear-loading formats for self or full serve.

If you have a particular design suggestion to adapt to your circumstances, Central Plastic's collaborative designers will consider custom orders.

Bins and Dispensers

For self-serve or full-serve storage, display, and dispensing, Central Plastic offers a full range of products designed for specific needs.

To display and merchandise beautiful holiday cookies, brownies, and other baked products, Central Plastic's  clear 3-drawer cookie drawer highlights your products for easy accessibility while keeping them fresh. The cases are 10” wide by 12” deep by 17” tall.

For bulk merchandising, Central Plastic and Rubber produces a broad range of bright acrylic bins for easy viewing and access. They are available in a comprehensive variety of sizes and formats for easy display and selection and are ideal for any product type. Rolls and other bread products stay fresh until selected.

Open-top or hinged-tops, gravity-fed dispensers come in a  variety of configurations and sizes. Central offers these dispensers in a clear acrylic design for easy access.

Other Central Plastic merchandising tools, storage bins, and dispensers include:

  • Big Bin Counter Dispensers with four large compartments in Black, Clear, and White
  • Sugar Caddies
  • Divided cubicle storage bins
  • Gravity-fed straw dispensers (8-inch or 10-inch) in clear, black, or white which can also be double-stacked for both 8-inch and 10-inch
  • Slide-Loaded Straw Dispensers in clear, black, and white

Reshaping for the Holidays with New Central Plastic Products

Add sparkle and functionality to your business. Central Plastic and Rubber has the answer for a multitude of organizing, merchandising, storing, and dispensing products to add excitement and interest to your business. Contact the experts at Central Plastic and Rubber in Phoenix for more information regarding their complete line of products and storage bins for foodservice and workplace organizers.

Excellent customer service is the key driver of Central Plastic's business and collaboration with national and individual accounts to solve challenges has led to the creation of many of their newer products. If you have an idea, just ask.

For more information about storage bins, call the experts at Central Plastic and Rubber Company of Phoenix at 602-268-6368.