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Look Great, Stay Fresh Food Displays

Wednesday, May 3, 2017 8:29:15 AM America/Phoenix

Countertop Food Displays

What stands between the customer and your food is critical to your business. You work hard to prepare and present the best possible products, so you must be sure that they continue to look great and stay fresh until they are sold.

The challenge with floor or counter-mounted food or pastry displays is revealing the beauty of the products in their fullest glory while protecting them from airborne contamination. This requires that the display is fully transparent, yet durable and easy to clean.

Perfectly formed acrylic counter display cases from Central Plastic provide clean and alluring visibility for your delicious foods. Not only do they keep your products fresh and appealing, but the cases have long-standing durability.

Custom Pastry Cases

Pastries and bakery goods can be especially alluring when properly presented. Clearly, these food products cannot be left out in the open, since they will dry out and quickly lose their appeal. Pests, human contact, and spills can also quickly ruin food products before customers ever have a chance to buy.

Experienced chefs and bakers understand the secrets to presenting their foods in the most appetizing ways. Presentation in the right style with proper lighting in high-quality counter display cases can entice extra purchases which spell additional profits for the operator. Proper placement of an appetizing display will invariably result in incremental sales.

Central Plastic and Rubber offers several high-quality pastry case designs in their FOOD FIXTRS® line which are perfect for most venues. These are available in multiple tiers, either front or rear loading. Clear trays are also available for easy loading.

Custom designs are also available from Central Plastic and Rubber. One of their experts can help  evaluate your products, counter and floor space, and serving style to determine an optimal design for displaying and serving those flavorful specialties.

Acrylic display units can be specially designed for easy access, maximum visibility, and optimal space management. Cases may open from the back, side, front, or even the top while still displaying the products in their best light. If space is limited, multiple shelves may be integrated which may be adjustable to accommodate changes.


While a quality acrylic counter display provides the clarity, and beauty you seek, as well as the full protection you need, these displays are the most economical choice for any food service venue. Less expensive and more durable, Central Plastic’s cases will last and retain their appearance longer than other materials. The acrylic casing does not easily break, so replacements costs can be deferred far longer.

Countertop Brochures, Menu, and Sign Holders

Whenever it is necessary to provide information regarding your products, specials, or notifications, Central Plastic also provides high-quality easel type displays or menu holders also made from plastic. These are a segment of the PAPER FIXTRS® Product Group of information and notification holders and dispensers.

Contact Central Plastic for More Information

Central Plastic works with nationwide and local restaurants, hotels, bakeries, and retailers to provide counter displays and other food prep and presentation equipment for all types of venues. The Central Plastic and Rubber experts are skilled at manufacturing top quality restaurant, food service, and retail products. In addition, their experienced technicians understand consumer behavior and can help design displays that will maximize product potential.

Contact Central Plastic and Rubber at 602.268.6368 or visit their website at

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