Cutting boards must be durable, sanitary, and easy to clean. Central Plastic and Rubber Company of Phoenix offers two different cutting board materials that meet these requirements. As a leading supplier of food preparation and presentation materials, Central Plastic works diligently with its national and independent clientele to create the best possible solutions in the industry.

Every chef or food service preparer has a favorite cutting board material that works best for them. Central Plastic produces two excellent and durable cutting boards that can be custom-sized for any application. Available in a choice of either rugged poly or Richlite cutting board materials, Central Plastic provides durable, customized cutting boards that can withstand beet juice stains, raw garlic, and meat cutting.  Just wash off in the dishwasher and they'll be like new again.

Customer service is the primary hallmark of the culture of Central Plastics. The dedicated employees of this company work with their national and local clients to solve individual challenges. Many of the products that the company currently produces and sells were originally collaborations with clients to address particular opportunities.

Central Plastic’s Cutting Boards

Poly Cutting Boards are dense, durable, and difficult to scratch. They are available in thicknesses of 1”, ¾”, and ½”. Customers can simply fill in the dimensions (in inches) on the website order form after selecting the thickness that matches their required preference and use.

Richlite Cutting Boards

Richlite is a very durable and highly sustainable material made from recycled paper infused with specific resins. The compound has been used in aerospace and industrial applications for many years because of its strength and density. As a food service accessory, Richlite cutting boards are among the most reliable, safest, and easiest to clean. With the density similar to stone, Richlite cutting boards are stain, heat, and scratch resistant.

Richlite cutting boards are ½” thick. Customers can order their products by entering the preferred dimensions on the Richlite cutting board order form at the Central Plastics and Rubber website (

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Visit Central Plastic’s website to view the vast offering of products that are specially designed to handle nearly every food product available. The product range includes solutions for the preparation, storage, handling, presentation, and dispensing. Central Plastic and Rubber boasts a more-than-a-half century of experience in collaborating with customers to create new and innovative products that solve the many challenges of their businesses.

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