Polycarbonate sheets are used in many different applications are known for their many outstanding properties like strength, durability, UV protection, and transparency. High-quality polycarbonate sheets are used in many applications. This plastic product is far more effective than glass or many types of polyethylene for  food service uses and industrial purposes. Because of the durability and clarity of the compound, polycarbonate sheets are have been converted shatterproof windows, windshields, and high-quality, lightweight eyeglass lenses.

Following years of extensive testing and examinations performed by scientists, agencies, academia, and the plastic industtry, bicarbonate sheets, particularly when made with bisphenol-A (BSA), have been determined to be totally food safe by the Food and Drug Administration.  After being cleaned in dishwashers, cooked in microwaves, sterilized, and stored in a variety of temperatures  polycarbonate materials have proven to be reliable and safe. 

History of Polycarbonate Sheets

Polycarbonates were first developed independently by scientists at Bayer AG in Germany and at General Electric in the USA in 1956. Initially the materials were used in some electrical and glazing operations, though it later became certified for use in many other industries.

CDs and DVDs would eventually be produced from polycarbonate sheets, as well as bottles and automobile headlights. Food service uses polycarbonate sheeting for storage containers and many other purposes.

The worldwide polycarbonate industry is expected to reach about $19.6 billion by the end of the decade.

GE’s version of polycarbonate is named LEXAN™. Central Plastics and Rubber Company offers several versions of LEXAN polycarbonates for food service and other uses.

Advantages of LEXAN Polycarbonate Materials

As news of the advantages of polycarbonates continue to spread through several industries, demand is rapidly growing. Here are some highlighted strengths of polycarbonates:

  • Virtually Unbreakable: Polycarbonate materials are difficult to break under any circumstances, temperatures, and stresses. Because of this, polycarbonates have replaced glass in many situations in which breakability could be a serious problem. Protecting the interior of a structure from  UV light is frequently important, particularly true in greenhouses for plants and structures where humans frequent.
  • Lightweight: Being lightweight makes installation much easier and reduces costs of handling and transport.
  • Verstile: Polycarbonate materials are ideal in any environment. These can be employed in a wide range of weather situations.
  • Available in Various Shades: Whether for aesthetic value or for protection from the sun, polycarbonate sheets can be colored or tinted in any shade.
  • Optical Advantages: Used as an automobile windshield, polycarbonates can be 100% clear while resisting UV rays and admitting the right amounts of heat and light. Other uses include skylights and protective shields.

Central Plastic and Rubber Offers Polycarbonate Sheets

Central Plastic and Rubber is a high-quality producer and supplier of a wide range of products for food service and other industries. Located in Phoenix, Central Plastic supplies many national as well as local companies with much-needed products, often custom designed for their particular business challenges.

Central Plastic's polycarbonate sheet designs include:

  • Clear Polycarbonate (LEXAN) Sheet – 48” x 96”
  • Clear Polycarbonate (LEXAN) Sheet – 0.5” thickness available in custom width and length
  • Clear Polycarbonate (LEXAN) Sheet- 0.375” thickness available in custom width and length
  • Clear Polycarbonate (LEXAN) Sheet- 0.236” thickness available in custom width and length

For more information regarding Central Plastics polycarbonate sheets, visit their website at https://www.centralplastic.com or phone 602.268.6368. The experts at Central will be pleased to explain the benefits of these and other products.