High-quality, exceptionally safe floor mats are a necessity in the business world. Keeping out excessive dirt and debris brought in on the footwear of employees and customers reduces maintenance costs and extends the life of your floor. Providing a convenient place at building entry points to scrape off snow and ice prevents puddling and slip and fall accidents. 

There is no question that every business does well to invest in heavy duty, durable floor matting. The only question is, "Should I opt for vinyl or rubber matting?" However, with vinyl rubber matting offered by Central Plastic, you can have the best of both worlds instead of having to choose.

The Benefits of Vinyl

Vinyl is easily the most overall cost-effective option for high-quality floor matting. When you have to cover a large amount of floor space or numerous entrance areas with matting, and you are on a tight budget, vinyl is the obvious choice. 

Vinyl is  highly resistant to chemicals, oil, grease, and is easy to clean off with a quick vacuuming job or by hosing it down outside. Stains do not easily soak down into the material, so you can almost always get them sparkling clean again. 

Finally, vinyl mats come in a wide variety of surface options, which is not generally the case with rubber-only floor matting. 

The Benefits of Rubber

Rubber-only floor mats generally costs more than vinyl, although the price difference is not always extreme. With vinyl rubber matting, you get a lower price than rubber-only and yet partake of the advantages rubber has to offer.

Rubber adds extra durability to your floor matting, making vinyl rubber matting able to withstand a higher level of foot traffic over a longer period of time than vinyl-only mats. This is important at all high-traffic locations, but especially so for the outside of entrances since rubber also excels at withstanding wide temperature fluctuations.

Rubber is as easy to clean as vinyl and can also be laundered or pressure washed. However, rubber-only stains more easily than vinyl or vinyl rubber matting, forcing you to be especially vigilant about keeping chemicals and oils away from your mats.

Quality Vinyl Rubber Matting From Central Plastic

At Central Plastic, we offer vinyl rubber floor matting of the highest caliber. Our mats are built to perform and built to last, with high traction and slip resistance due to both our customized material formulas and the grooved surface patterns.

If choosing between vinyl and rubber, you would need to make a tough decision based on such factors as:

(1) How high traffic the placement area is.  

(2) How you plan on cleaning the mats.

(3) How much area needs to be covered.

But with vinyl rubber, all of your mats will work well in every conceivable environment.  With proper maintenance,  they will last for years to come.

To learn more about our top-quality vinyl rubber matting, visit Central Plastic online, contact us for answers to any related questions, or call us at 602-268-6368.