Find The Right Matting 
Dimex matting has been engineered for strength and flexibility, but different kinds of Dimex matting are going to lend themselves to different applications. It makes sense that you buy from a company with an in-depth approach to customer service, because you may need the matting for different uses. We have Ripple, V-Groove, Flat Rib, Pyramid and Diamond Plate styles available.  Depending on your application it may be better to go with .075-inch Ripple Dimex Vinyl Runner Matting than .0125-inch Corrugated V-Groove Vinyl Runner Matting.  The staff at Central Plastic & Rubber Co. Inc. has more experience with Dimex matting options than most, and we are willing to give you the best advice on the best products to purchase. Contact us with your specific specifications and we will help direct you to the type of Dimex that best suits your needs.

Continued Repeat Business 
Central Plastic appreciates customer loyalty and concentrates on quality, competitive pricing, and high responsiveness. National corporations and small, locally-owned businesses alike buy items such as Dimex matting from Central Plastic on a regular basis, and continue to come back for more. That's because the value of prime customer service exceeds the value of empty promises, and, over time, ends up saving more money through acquisition of more appropriate products.  

Multi-Generational Support
Central Plastic & Rubber Co. Inc. has been around for fifty-six years. We are currently in our third generation of ownership as a family-run operation. The reason we've grown from a small business to an incorporated facility has a lot to do with customer service. Having the finest products, as well as a straightforward, personable approach to client-seller relations has helped facilitate our success throughout the years. We are the largest fabricator of plastic and rubber products in Arizona and can claim a diverse range of abilities in the production and sale of these products that cannot be found or matched anywhere else in the US.  

We Want To Work With You
At the end of the day, you can choose whoever you'd like to work with in your rubber and plastics acquisition, but we want you to work with us. We will do our best to make you ardently desire the same. This is what has truly propelled us to our central position, and an attitude which we will continue to foster.